Nuestros clientes han confiado en AccuData para las soluciones y servicios de procesamiento y administración de grandes volúmenes de información, logrando obtener mejores rendimientos e información más precisa para la toma de decisiones.

Nextel Comunications Argentina
Radiofrecuency Telecomunications Enterprise
With more than 500 employees is the biggest radiofrecuency telecomunications enterprise in Argentina. AccuData has help this enteprise in its grown by cleaning and processing the existing registry and providing them the online solution for DataCleansing (AccuClean).

Grupo Cencosud
Investment group of Retail and Megastores
By adding a new business unit the Group needed to have a complete solution for their retail business. specially on their online sales channel. Cencosud has installed the complete solution AccuClean for managing the online orders and AccuMapGeo to locate the nearest supply point.

Car Security – LoJack
Satellite Monitoring and Car recovery
Lo Jack had a database of customers without great inconvenience to standardize the assignment of addresses and phone both customers and claims. The need to have correct addresses for the operational arrangements made efficiently the optimal solution was to install AccuClean.

Cetelem Argentina S.A.
Financial Sector
Cetelem had poor data quality and high rejection postcard sending credit card summary. AccuData service performed batch processing of customer data stock. Also installed AccuClean online platform for tall and are made via the web through services offered by the Cetelem Group. Support was provided to make modifications to the tools according to specific needs of Cetelem.

OSFE – Railway Social Medicine
Health services administrator
OSFE had a telephone care system developed in DOS. It was essential to update the software in a friendly environment and with more features. Accudata turn and improved DOS functionality to a new management system AccuCRM.